Black, White but make it pop!

Black and white are great basics but make them pop!  Adding these basics to your accessories with a colorful popping outfit, are the cake toppers to your look!! An unexpected gem that reads attention to details.

Take that LBD and layer on the pearls…classic and always chic!! Just don’t forget to make it your own look with a fun headband like this Nam Josh headband!!

A white blazer is a must for all year!! Yes I do wear white after labor day and before memorial day!! Why? Because it’s a basic and works well with the ENTIRE rainbow!! This headband print was magic with the plaid.  So try an organic shape print with a plaid or stripe!! Organic meets geometric, an opposite attracts situation!

How about some black and white stripes!? They go with ANYTHING!! As long as you let your imagination soar! Why not pair it with metallic, maybe a red…and you guessed it another fantastic headband!!

Make your accessories and dress match and then add in your black and white! Got a little school girl vibes with this look!!

Go crazy with Polka dots! Do all the same size, do opposites, add a color dot, and then a fun hair comb or earrings! Adore a whimsical accessory like fruit! It’s says….I AM READY FOR SUMMER!!

So get out the black and white and pop!

Until next style,



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