Summer in stripes

Stripes in the summer just feel right! They give pop and movement to a simple summer look! When it’s summer in Long Island and New England, the humidity makes the decision on fashion choices easy!! Easy breezy and light! Cottons are the best for summer!! Skirts are a favorite!! The less cloth and skin contact the better!!

Love a stripe match moment! Accessories are key to pull a simple monochromatic vibe together! Add your favorite metallic for a bit of sparkle!

Stripes don’t have to be straight!! Always think outside the box when it comes to fashion!! That is where your style lives!!

If you have anything rainbow pair it with pink!! Pink is a great neutral to pop with ROYGBIV! That’s the art teacher coming out in me!!

Stripes as accents are a great way to pop a bit of color! Whether it’s a color mix or added print mix stripes work well!!!

Keep your look simple with a great summer white, add the stripes with layers like crochet shawls or jackets!

Pair your stripe with a basic black! The attention will stay on the stripe for sure!!

These striped p.j.’s from third love are a great layer to lounge and enjoy summer! If your are looking for elongated legs do vertical stripes!!

So go ahead and interpret your stripe style! Fashion is an outlet for creative personal style!! So if you want to try a trend or mix up something you never have paired do may be what makes you feel your absolute best!

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Fruity Frills

What is one of your favorite treats for summer? Of how I love my sweet treats, however there is nothing like fresh fruit in the summer!! So here is a spin on how fun, flirty and in season fruit prints are for the hot summer months!!

To have fun with fruit can be as simple as black and white! Add a piece of fruity fun jewelry! This Necklace I made out of Model Magic by Crayola! The pineapple earrings from Mure and Grand!

Sometimes fruit frills are hard to find in adult sizes!! Go to teen or kids! I found this colorful dress in the girls department at Walmart! I got the largest size available then layered it like a t-shirt!! Stay with colors in the print for pairing layers and accessories. Here’s a cute adult size fruit print dress!

I did the same thing here with this tank dress! Tuck it in for a top and pair with a like color for a monochromatic vibe.

So bananas about this print, sorry had to! This is an oldie but a goodie!! Found the exact dress here!!! Do you shop Poshmark, or Ebay? This is a great way to be a fashionista that is a conscious buyer!!

Orange you having fun with this blog yet..lmao again couldn’t resist! Now is the time to find amazing prints for woman, they are whimsical with frills. This dress is the Perfect summer party dress!!

So will you be mixing up and playing with fun fruit prints the summer?

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Island vibes

Summer calls for fun in the sun, bold prints and magical moments! Putting together these looks definitely brought me back to Hawaii, Aruba and Bahamas, 🎶come on pretty mama🎶 ok yes I am that corny and that old..Lol! So even if our destinations may not be to a tropical paradise we can have fun and bring the vibe through our wardrobe!

Layers of a dress tied on one side with is a great way to use pieces in different ways and up your style game!! Overly large sunnies command attention and bright pops of jewelry, top it with a straw fedora to tie everything together!

White dresses don’t have to be plain…look for pieces that have embroidery pops at the neck. It brings a little color splash and adds details without layers of jewelry!! Be resourceful and reuse a gift ribbon for a headband!! The more creativity the better your style will be!

Nothing like an island vibe like an island print!! This dress is a favorite staple in my wardrobe!! I wear it alone, layered with another skirt or a sweater!! It’s a super fun unexpected print to see ALL year long! Flower accessories are a must!!

Larger than life floral prints are always a great way to bring out the vacation feels!! Focus on one color in the print and repeat it with your accessories….always a win!

When you find the large flower prints pay attention to fabrics like linen and cotton to stay cool and comfy all summer long!!!

Sheer chiffon is a great light weight fabric to tolerate sleeves in the summer! Seashell necklaces layered are a sure win for island looks!

I hope these inspire an upbeat vacation style even if your vacation happens to be in your back yard or a local beach!

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Sara Joy

Want to know the ONLY two pieces you need this summer? Sara Joy kaftan and sarong. This blog will explore some of the MANY ways you can style Sara Joy pieces to look your absolute best!

Use the kaftan to cover a strapless for added pizazz! Summer was made to be colorful and bold!

Go for a long sarong to highlight your bathing suit top….

Or go short to cool down and show off your sun-kissed legs!!

Or better yet cross the ends and tie around your neck for a quick fashionable sun dress vibe!

Wrap it across the chest for a beautiful calf length strapless…add a bit of gold or metallic to make it pop.

Wear the kaftan back wards for a closed kimono vibe!

Wear the kaftan forward to look like a sleeved dress or bottom top match for a perfect afternoon lunch!

Use the kaftan with shorts and a tank!!

Sara has made all of her garments from art that she has hand painted and then printed on the softest cotton I have ever felt!

Don’t miss the live with Sara on Wednesday June 23rd at 8P.m. to talk more to this fashion Icon and see witch print you will call your go to this summer!!

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Metallic magic

When the heat turns up for summer so does the metallic magic! Silver, gold, bronze, rainbow….the shine is on!!! What is a metal you gravitate to for the summer!? In this blog I highlighted pieces found on second hand and favorite sights! Remember making a change is one small post at a time!! Let’s look at what is going to be glistening besides my sun kissed skin!

Let’s start off with Rainbow metallic for pride month. The possibilities are endless! With an added texture, Rainbow tweed, yes please!!!!

Silver is a great Sun catcher!! Sparkles glistening like water! Easily paired with grey silver or white silver!

Gold and white have such a nautical vibe! Shop your closet for those beaded wedding dresses that aren’t getting used! Layer them with linen for an effortless metallic pop!

Absolutely adore a pink and gold moment!! Using an old fancy pink gown to create this look!

My rose gold dress layered well with this gold diamond print vintage skirt, sprinkle it with a white snow sequence cardigan, garden party ready!

Feeling inspired to get your metallic on?

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Spring prints into summer!

While everything around us in New York is coming back to life it jolts my fashion choices with prints! Love Spring for its Romantic vibes full of fun and whimsy! This is my spring roundups of prints!

If you don’t already know I am obsessed with French Macaroons! The shell, the chewy texture, the cream!!! They are just such amazing sweet treats! Spilt Milk macarons is my go to for French Macaroons!! So yummy tasting and looking!! They matched so well with my Alice and Olivia macaroon blouse!! Bringing in the whimsy with this print!!

My take on what Glamping would look like!! My Mom created so many memories with an R.V. that had a fire place in it…now that’s my kind of camping!! This is definitely more my speed than camping in a tent!! This dress may be one piece but creates shape by accentuating my waist. This dress is very similar.

Nothing like a spring vibe floral print and polka dot lace, dreaming in a cloud of pink flowered trees! This is at my son’s middle school! Frankie and I both agree that it’s such a gorgeous way to be greeted when you go to school! Remember life is what you make of it!! Appreciate what is around you!!

Take a spin on flowers with a water color vibe. These prints will make you look like you stepped out of a painting!!! This fascinator is a mini of the origional. Coming soon!!