Sara Joy

Want to know the ONLY two pieces you need this summer? Sara Joy kaftan and sarong. This blog will explore some of the MANY ways you can style Sara Joy pieces to look your absolute best!

Use the kaftan to cover a strapless for added pizazz! Summer was made to be colorful and bold!

Go for a long sarong to highlight your bathing suit top….

Or go short to cool down and show off your sun-kissed legs!!

Or better yet cross the ends and tie around your neck for a quick fashionable sun dress vibe!

Wrap it across the chest for a beautiful calf length strapless…add a bit of gold or metallic to make it pop.

Wear the kaftan back wards for a closed kimono vibe!

Wear the kaftan forward to look like a sleeved dress or bottom top match for a perfect afternoon lunch!

Use the kaftan with shorts and a tank!!

Sara has made all of her garments from art that she has hand painted and then printed on the softest cotton I have ever felt!

Don’t miss the live with Sara on Wednesday June 23rd at 8P.m. to talk more to this fashion Icon and see witch print you will call your go to this summer!!

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Metallic magic

When the heat turns up for summer so does the metallic magic! Silver, gold, bronze, rainbow….the shine is on!!! What is a metal you gravitate to for the summer!? In this blog I highlighted pieces found on second hand and favorite sights! Remember making a change is one small post at a time!! Let’s look at what is going to be glistening besides my sun kissed skin!

Let’s start off with Rainbow metallic for pride month. The possibilities are endless! With an added texture, Rainbow tweed, yes please!!!!

Silver is a great Sun catcher!! Sparkles glistening like water! Easily paired with grey silver or white silver!

Gold and white have such a nautical vibe! Shop your closet for those beaded wedding dresses that aren’t getting used! Layer them with linen for an effortless metallic pop!

Absolutely adore a pink and gold moment!! Using an old fancy pink gown to create this look!

My rose gold dress layered well with this gold diamond print vintage skirt, sprinkle it with a white snow sequence cardigan, garden party ready!

Feeling inspired to get your metallic on?

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Spring prints into summer!

While everything around us in New York is coming back to life it jolts my fashion choices with prints! Love Spring for its Romantic vibes full of fun and whimsy! This is my spring roundups of prints!

If you don’t already know I am obsessed with French Macaroons! The shell, the chewy texture, the cream!!! They are just such amazing sweet treats! Spilt Milk macarons is my go to for French Macaroons!! So yummy tasting and looking!! They matched so well with my Alice and Olivia macaroon blouse!! Bringing in the whimsy with this print!!

My take on what Glamping would look like!! My Mom created so many memories with an R.V. that had a fire place in it…now that’s my kind of camping!! This is definitely more my speed than camping in a tent!! This dress may be one piece but creates shape by accentuating my waist. This dress is very similar.

Nothing like a spring vibe floral print and polka dot lace, dreaming in a cloud of pink flowered trees! This is at my son’s middle school! Frankie and I both agree that it’s such a gorgeous way to be greeted when you go to school! Remember life is what you make of it!! Appreciate what is around you!!

Take a spin on flowers with a water color vibe. These prints will make you look like you stepped out of a painting!!! This fascinator is a mini of the origional. Coming soon!!

Go black and white with a sprinkle of color, add a fascinator rose bud (also coming soon)!! It looks like it popped off the dress pattern and on to the top of my head!! Head turner!

As the warmer months approach less layers, bolder prints and sand filled flip flops will be the norm!

What styles are you excited to wear this summer season!?

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Bloomingdales haul

When you get an email from Bloomingdale’s asking to partner up your heart flutters!! You feel humbled to be part of sharing a moment with such an influencial company in the fashion world! The Bloomingdale’s outlet at Tanger in Riverhead New York did not disappoint!! With exclusive lines such as Gracia and Beulah style you will be sure to stand out from the crowd with these pieces! So today’s blog will be a highlight of the unique looks I was able to create.

To kick it off I am going with this amazing extra large sheer polka dot blouse by Beulah style!! Talk about drama, truly extra!! I layered it with a strapless summer dress, larger than life belt and some silver pops!! The possibilities are endless! For those of you that stay with neutrals this is a sure fire way to upgrade!! And for those of you that don’t like neutrals the added sheerness, polka dots and extra large bow make this a top you won’t want to be without!

Let’s talk about these pants!!!!…I mean does it get any better? I don’t think so!! I paired this muted olive green pallet with the neon burst of orange to pull from the print and make a statement!! Do you like harem pants? or tied ankle pants? These are for you!! The waist is higher like a paper bag style waist! You can work them well with a t-shirt or go all out with a sparkle top!! Either way you are gonna turn heads!

This yellow pop grabbed my attention right away!! Do you do flowers? I used to wear so many flower pins on my tops and my hair…so happy to see them making a comeback!! Let’s face it yellow is always an uplifting happy color!! This Gracia top is all that and more!! Was so excited to see how well it went with hounds tooth! (another favorite)

These hobo chic Angie pants brought more than a vibe!! Comfy, stylish and perfect for the upcoming summer to throw on before the beach or for dinner!! The neutral color pattern makes it easy to pair with bathing suits to halter top shimmers!

This top/cover up is right up my alley with the gorgeous rainbow color pops!! I paired it with this amazing large beach bag!! (The price was Soooo good) I am ready for a day at the beach, or an afternoon eating lobster rolls!! The key to being summer ready is having pieces that are versatile for whatever may be on the calendar, or not!

So what are your thoughts on this round up? Are you leaning towards pieces for the summer with versatility?

I hope that you will take the trip to Bloomingdale’s new outlet and let me know your thoughts? And great fashion buys!!

To Bloomingdale’s, thank you for trusting me and believing in me!

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Memorial day whites

Let me start by stating I wear white all year long!! I don’t wait for a holiday to tell me what to wear! Can you relate or are you a “rule ” follower!! To me there are no rules in fashion when it comes to your personal style! Style is what makes you feel your best!

Let’s start with the white pants!! Such a vibe ! Add some nautical stripes!! Ready for whatever the weekend throws your way!

Want a more formal look but not such a fuss? Go with a dress that has a printed texture! It’s lighter weight and way more comfy! (bag from Regina Herman luxury purchase with a purpose!!)

The weather has been fantastic, sunny and warm! Early mornings have been calling for a layer! White linen dresses are the perfect layer staple in spring as we transition to summer!

A lace dress is another fantastic piece have to dress up or down!! Layered with a tank and jeans creates an effortless look and vibe!! Don’t forget the headscarf and the Comfortiva sneakers!

LOVE a Greek eye vibe! It’s like wearing stylish armor!! Thanks to Vicky at greek goddess! These INSANE earrings are the spark to this look!! Try a simple linen skirt layered over an old party dress!! This Tina Demel hand painted crossbody was just the right accessory!

So this memorial day weekend enjoy what ever is on the agenda in stylish seasonal whites.

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Vibes of Spring

So excited that the weather has been warmer! Does the weather impact your style!? It does for me!! This post is all about getting a vibe and rolling with it while spring is in full affect!!

As I like to call this my hobo chic style for spring!! Love a great layered look with prints popping and extra on the beads please! Oh and don’t forget to add a little trim of lace!

Rockstar vibes are so easily obtained with this amazing Ann Marie jacket with gold details, faux leather leggings, heels and a an fashion fundamentals T..cant beat it!

Layering up with the colder mornings and warmer afternoons is so fun with a rolling stones sweatshirt, pleated faux leather and some Gucci heels!! Oh yes I did!

Maybe add a mid west/cowgirl vibe to brighten your spirits! Look for leathers, studs and turquoise!

Felt so zen with Namaste in my head!! This is what a deep purple vibe does for me, throw a turban on and your inner peace will shine through!

Love to call this my artsy fartsy look! A head scarf to keep my hair from bothering me, layers depending on the temp, wide leg pants for comfort and movement and of course my Comfortiva sneakers for movement! (See a pair of shoes you like on Comfortiva and use code: Hinchology for 15% off!!)

As summer approaches and we get ready for swimsuits and maxi dresses, take advantage of your spring layered vibes!

You can dress anyway YOU want! Your style is deep rooted, however fashion in the daily can change with your mood!

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Spring accessory must haves

While we transition from Spring into summer there are a few things that are a fun must have for the season!! Don’t be afraid of color…cause it is everywhere right now!! Think outside the box when it comes to where how and when you wear what you wear. (Remember that all word in bold is linked to something fun to shop or get inspiration from!)

Jelly , jelly and more jelly! Did you have jelly shoes when you were a kid!? Well I did and like my hunter boots I had them in a rainbow variety! Anything plastic or sheer will be a must vibe while spring is here and I do believe we’ll see more of that this summer!

Tall socks and hats are always good choices for spring weather!! The mornings are always a bit cooler. The socks are a perfect height. Go with a neutral that will be easy to match!

Pearls and head fascinators will never go out of style!! Pearls are classic!! They stand the test of time!! I do love how my strands have some color pops on them!! So fantastic fun! They really so go with everything! If you are looking for a fun fascinator look no further!! I am now accepting orders for one of a kind looks!! DM my instagram or email me direct to

A bucket hat is so fun! For some reason it’s vibe spells spring! Like a mini umbrella just for the top of your head! Lol

Of course having a match with your sunnies and other accessories is a must! If you decide on getting statement sunnies then be sure to get matches in your accessories! Frankie my boy is the best accessory in this pic🤣😘

What would the warmer weather be with out a crossbody!! Now that we don’t need heavy bulky coats we can use a crossbody with quickness and ease!

A statement necklace is a must! This way you can keep lighter layers and simpler colors! This creates a focus to the jewels!

I hope that some of these must haves create a lot of ideas that you can use by shopping your closet!

Feeling inspired and want to share your must have looks for spring to summer? #hinchology #getahinch and @hinchology

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Color combo

If you know me just a little then you KNOW I love color! Being in an art room by day and a walk in closet at night, color combos are always on the radar! These are some of my favorite combinations that are going to be poppin in my feed this week!

Purple & Beige