Summer Animal prints!!

Go WILD and get your hands on all the animal print you can this summer!!! Kick up your style a few notches with adding pops of cheetah or color animal print in to your summer wardrobe!! This doesn’t mean you need to be covered head to toe with zebra stripes or leopard spots, (although I have been known to do that) you can use the print in your accessories to add just enough fun to your outfit!!

If you haven’t noticed I am a bit obsessed with turbans!! Head wraps, scarfs, sign me up!! When my hair seems unruly it is the perfect accessory!! These J.crew lion printed silk pants paired well with my Givenchy thrifted scarf that I scored for three bucks!! Do you thrift or tag sale? I absolutely love finding special treasures!

Finding pieces that are versatile is key when it comes to prints. The summer kimono that I found serves as a great light layered coverup or head wrap!! If you can get any piece of clothing in a perfect square you can use it like a scarf to create the perfect head wrap. (Check my Instagram for a DIY)

Summer beach wraps or coverups are easy to find in colorful and fun animal prints this time of the year. Creating strapless dresses using a single knot is a fun and different way to style a scarf!!!

Being 5′ 2″ has it’s advantages like being able to score some fantastic pieces in the girls section at Walmart!! I just could’t wait to pair my jumper with my Dolce & Gabbana leopard bag. Do you pair similar prints together?

Being over 40 makes me want to stay on point with fashion trends and not be afraid to try them!! I went ahead and rocked biker shorts and paired them with an animal print!! Loved how it brought adventurous vibes to my day!!

Finding animal print in color is so much fun. Pieces that have a lot of character are easy to pair with solid colors and a hit every time.

Pairing neutral colors with neons gives an up to date and happy feel to your summer fashion vibe.

The willingness to express yourself through fashion is a sign of knowing who you and not being afraid to show it!!

Do you do animal print?? Feel inspired? Want to inspire with your Animal print outfits? #getahinch and @hinchology to get featured in my Insta story!!

Until next print!!




Wearing stripes!?

Just coming off of the 4th of July weekend and wearing my patriotic stripes I thought it was fitting to follow up with stripes for the everyday summer outfits!! Summer calls for them!! Stripes pair well with so many versatile styles!!

Sometimes they can give a nautical feel, don’t you think?!! So when my family and I ventured to the docks near my house for a little stroll…my striped dress from Juicy Couture came to mind!! Fitting right!? Cotton and comfy! Do you have a go to fabric for summer?

Stripes don’t have to be the traditional patterns of two colors!! Think of them as a basic necessity for your closet!! Late last winter/spring when I was with my mom during her extended hospital stay, I came across this striped skirt from Portugal. It had come over with my Grandmother when she started a new life in America!! I love the vibe of the stripes and with it’s family history it became a favorite!

Now of course there is the more literal stripe that can be dressed for everyday adventures!! It’s a perfect match with Khakis to create a boater life look…yes please!! Walking the streets of quaint little towns in New York or Massachusetts, always works well with a basic striped top! ( Yes I am a Massachusetts girl living in a New York minute, as I like to put it!)

Then of course there are those days when you just need to put on your tulle and have a fun photo shoot!! I usually only layer during the cooler seasons, but something got me saying layer the striped dress from the kids section in Walmart, it could use some tulle. Who said dress up is only for kids!!

Try using one common color throughout with your accessories! While the sun is out so should pops of bright colors!! Remember you gotta be your own fun and sunshine sometimes.

Using scarves from other seasons as tie around cover ups or skirts really gives you a bang for your buck!! Being versatile with your wardrobe can give new looks and a mirage of never before seen pieces. It’s not about how many things you have to work with but how well you work with the things you have!!

Do you use pieces in your wardrobe for different purposes? Getting inspired!? Want to share your ideas and creativity…#getahinch!

Stay true to your likes and continue to dress in what makes YOU feel your best. Remember people will always have something to say so give them something really worth talking about!?

Until next style!



Fashion for the 4th

Nothing is more patriotic fun than wearing red, white and blue on the 4th of July, one of my favorite holidays of the year!! Bring on the BBQ’s!! I dream of the wonderful fireworks after having s’mores by the fire pit! I can smell the fire works right now!! It is always so uplifting to be able to pair these three colors in so many different styles using so many different pieces!!

Will you be wearing your stripes this holiday!?!! If looking like you’re wrapped in the American flag is not your thing then use pops of the flag with your accessories to create a great festive look!

Nautical wear is fun for summer and the 4th. Red is such a bright pop of color fun you can never go wrong with!! Taking walks to the ocean on this Holiday always gives me a thankful heart for where I live.

American traditions like cheeseburgers and hot dogs finished with apple pie and ice cream are some of the core iconic foods of our country. One of my favorite apple pie and ice cream combos comes from McDonald’s …..Now if that is not Americana than I don’t know what is!!

Strolling along small seaside towns in my area and enjoying all the 4th of July decor brings me back to so many wonderful memories as a child!! My Mother, Father, brother Noel and I would jump in the car to sit in a large grass field in the middle of UMass, Amherst and watch what felt like fireworks larger than the Earth. Cotton candy in one hand while the other waived to a stilts walker dressed like Uncle Sam is forever in my heart.

Walks in parks are always a great way to spend family time on the 4th. Especially when you find families of Swans. Nature always lifts my soul and grounds me. Do you feel that with nature!?

Whatever the holiday brings you I hope it tempts your tastebuds, fills your heart with hope and love and of course ends with sweet treats and sparkling delights in the sky!!

So thankful and grateful for the freedom that is entrusted to me. I thank those that have served our country to give us these rights.

Do you have an outfit inspo for July 4th? If so inspire with #getahinch.

Until next style,



MDW Tradition

Memorial Day weekend….it’s here!? Time to stock up on out door bbq supplies and look forward to spending time with family! Weekends like this were made to revive and refresh. What will you be doing this MDW!?

This is my run down…

Eat all the BBQ I can find!! Whether it’s grilled eggplant with mozzarella or a juicy cheeseburger I am gonna indulge in my red, white and blue.

Then of course it may just be the kind of weekend that you start wearing your white pants again, I for one NEVER follow that rule. White is in my wardrobe All year round!

I hope to be enjoying sunshine and feeling patriotic. Catching some vitamin D is always traditional on MDW. Flags waving in the wind down a main street for me is as patriotic as warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Making memorable drives down quiet rural roads in my fathers Chevy is on the list of adventures. Long weekends were made for long rides with no destination and lots of day dreaming.

Even with the sun shining don’t forget your layers. This way you can truly enjoy the day no matter the adventure!! (And of course have some fashionable fun!)

Soak up every minute of the warm sun and all things that feel patriotic.

For every new tradition or memory you make, every bite of delicious BBQ, every slathering of sun tan lotion and sip of your favorite ice cold refreshment, remember the people that have allowed us to enjoy weekends like these!! Put down the tablet, computer and phone and try and be IN the moment!!

I look forward to all the red, white and blue fashion this weekend!!

Thank you again to all that have served and are serving to keep us safe!!

Happy Memorial Day weekend… week,

Stay safe,



Cake topper

With change comes new creative ideas. As so many in the world we rely on our go to hair dresser or barber to stay fresh and clean! Grabbing a do it yourself hair dye at my local pharmacy didn’t get me covering my grays. Even running it by my hair dresser didn’t give me confidence….. something was holding me back….and still is. It must be my mind frame that it is not totally necessary. It was time to accept the grays or find ways to hide them.

Headbands for days was my first thought!!! Obsessed with headbands is an understatement. My last blog post was all about accessories and how to organize them. There are so many different headbands out there!! Depending on how you like your headbands, thick or thin or maybe dazzled with bling or pearls. Sometimes it’s fun to double or triple them up. Some of my favorite places to find headbands are Target, Walmart, Bealls Outlet, Lele Sadoughi and Mulberry and Grand.

The second accessory that came to mind was bandanas or scarfs. The dollar tree was my go to for all my bandanas. Vintage finds to favorite department store are great places to find scarves. These accessories are so super versatile. Fold them, braid them, knot them…the styling is endless!! Check my instagram page for a DIY head wrap with a scarf!

Of course if messing with a scarf is not your thing there is always the total cover…Hats. Not only do you not need to worry about the grays…heck you don’t have to worry about doing your hair. They can be adorned with pins, diamonds or pearls even feathers. Some are for show (perfect for zoom meetings) and others serve a purpose!! One can never have too many hats!!

The last cake topper is ribbons and barrettes. They may not cover the grays but boy do they distract the eye. Have fun with one or add as many as you can!!! I love to put my Dollar tree ribbons with my Chanel pins. Add your favorite brooches and voila! Skies the limit. Try your ideas….you just never know!!

No matter what self care is for you right now be sure that you are doing something for yourself. Wear your favorite diamond bracelet and go with the feather hat because that day is now. Enjoy everyday to the max. Wear what makes you feel happy!!!

I hope that this inspires you to have fun with or with out your grays!!!

Stay safe and healthy friends!



Repurpose for Treasures

My infamous ‘to do’ list always seems to have some sort of organizational project!! The one that was staring me in the face was hair accessories! They needed a little up grade! I wasn’t looking to purchase anything new to help organize or to take on any complex projects but it got me thinking, I was going to have to do something. I looked around my house at objects for new purpose!

My headband collection had grown quiet a bit. I knew that if I wanted them to stay nice I was going to have to stack them….but how!? Then while walking through the dining room I notice one of the MANY mason jars that were left over from my wedding and thought …could it work!? Sure enough it did!!

Next in line for organizing was barrettes. I figured that barrettes would get lost if I tried using the mason jar to house both! I needed something with cups like a muffin pan. Then it hit me, the black and white striped box that I had saved from my favorite french macaroons! The little muffin pan like cups in the inner lining were perfect!! The box stacks so well and it’s PRETTY!!

There where still a few barrettes that wouldn’t fit in the box so I was still on the hunt. That same day while in the kitchen my husband asked if anyone wanted the glass jar from the chicken bouillon!? (My whole household is super into recycling, I rubbed off on them) I cleaned it up and at first I thought it was too small and then voila it worked. It was a perfect for the larger pearl and beaded barrettes.

I ended up repurposing a few more boxes that I had saved from holiday treats. One was a beautiful tin that once held delicious cookies and cream bark. (If you have never tried it I recommend it😋) I now refer too this box as the house of big BLING!

The other treat box was just as pretty with gold and black stripes. This box also had a plastic muffin tin like lining. It worked well for the smaller earrings.

Having the time to do things I would usually put off for another day is refreshing. It’s not the way I wanted to get things done but it helps get through the day!! It feels good to reuse, repurpose and recycle!!

Do you use boxes that once held yummy treats but now house special treasures?

As Matshona Dhliwayo put it: “Riches you hold in your hands are inferior to treasures you harbor in your heart.” I think that we can all relate to this especially now.

Keep doing your part no matter what that may be.

Stay well friends!


Float your boat

I have been thinking about how to get back into my weekly or bi-weekly blog with all that is going on in the world. My love for art, fashion, and a want for more of my own “norm” is what I focused on to jump back into the blog world!!


As some of you may know my “normal” hasn’t been normal for a while. The passing of my father last June is when things became NOT normal. Being in Florida with my ill mother for 67 days piggy backed off of the already existing “New” norm. Perseverance, resilience, grace, love, belief, art, friends, pets, family and fashion have been what helped me get through! What’s on your list!?

Making it back to New York for my son’s 13th birthday has been a highlight of the year and I will cherish it forever. There weren’t tons of gifts, no fuss with balloons or streamers like years past but there WAS a homemade red velvet cake, tons of laughs, hugs, kisses and a fabulous sequence pant set. (Mulberry and Grand I adore you!!)

Getting dressed in a favorite pant set or headband helps me get though the everyday. Now is the time to focus on things that make you smile. We may be working from home learning new ways of getting our job done, have children to take care of or even may have to help an ill family member or friend. What are you doing to get through your day with positive energy and motivation? Are you doing things that fill your heart or float YOUR boat!!??

A question that many of us may be asking ourselves is “am I doing enough” or “what is my part”. Staying home right now IS the “enough” and the “what is my part”…well that is what you love. Bottom line is your contribution may help people get through this tough time! It could be a picture of your family or a recipe that you created a satisfying meal with, maybe even a workout routine! Use your social media platforms as a means to reaching people with positive thoughts and vibes!!

Do something everyday that may make the next day better. If that is to relax and recharge then go easy on yourself and take that day to do just that…RECHARGE!! Some may not understand your contribution but that is okay, you will! During this very confusing time if it helps you get through the day or someone else….why not do it!!?? Try not to judge or compare what others are doing!! In the end the only thing you have control over is yourself!!

Continue to celebrate the small everyday victories. Get dressed in your favorite ballgown or lounge wear and twirl around the house if it makes you happy!!!

I hope that all of you stay safe through this pandemic.

Stay humbled and kind….we will get through this together!!

What will you decide to do tomorrow!? How will you contribute!? What will you do for yourself to stay positive and happy!?



Finding normal in chaos

It’s been a while since I have done my normal. For some people normal is waking up to the all to familiar alarm clock telling them it’s time to rise and shine, for others it’s the bed that they dive into at the end of a long day, but for me it’s all about the things that make me happy and fill my heart. After getting a phone call back in January from an ICU nurse telling me my mom was put into sedation and on a ventalator was a shake up to a world that had not settled from losing my father seven months ago. A one way ticket was bought and I have been riding the wave since.

Happy to say that my mother is progressing. Staying to help in her recovery I have had to sacrafice. Not seeing my son for this long period of time has proven to me that I am more resilient than I had thought. The support of my husband has eased my daily thought routine letting me know that everyone has eaten, the clothes are clean and the dogs are walked. This has allowed me to focus on getting my mom to a point that her life can soon again be lived with purpose and good health. As the hours become days, the weeks become months the one thing that has made me feel a bit normal is art and fashion.

When I packed I had no idea how long I would be gone so outfits have been on repeat…if you follow my instagram, @hinchology, you are aware🤣 I had to be frugal in many ways. One, how will I get everything home if I go on a full shopping spree? Two, expenses have come up on this extended trip so I need to look more at accessories than at clothing (they are also smaller and easier to pack) three, I needed to continue to do what I do best…be CREATIVE.

Art became my muse and the face time calls with my son and husband have helped me be strong.

After weeks of only seeing the walls of the hospital I started to notice the magnificant art that surrounded me.

At first I felt guilty to pick an accessory out, or stopping to appreciate art, then it hit me, I NEED to feel the most normal I can, the best that I can so my energy and time is put to helping my MOM!

A blogger asked me this past week when the last time I had fun was…….. right away I thought of my family. As days passed I realized our fun has to come from within us. I try to find the fun in a bargain or maybe my lunch break from the hospital seeing pelicans flying. This is my fun, these are the things that make me smile. In the end WE are our own fun…no matter if its a fabulous vacation or just a trip to you favorite local eatery..its up to us to lift ourselves and others.

The light is starting to shine at the end of this long tunnel. This trip has given me lessons learned I had no idea I needed to learn. I do hope you find inspiration and connect with some of these thoughts when life feels upside down. Remember that we ARE in charge of our own happiness.

I appreciate all the friends, co-workers and family members that have supported me through this very unpredictable ride called life.

Dont forget to have fun and never stop doing what you love!!!!

What is your happy?

what is your norm?

Until next time!!xoxo😘

Everyday Hustle

A lot of people ask “Why do you dress up when you are an art teacher for elementary school!!??” I love this question!! It breaks down to a few reasons!! It totally helps me get through my day when I feel my best, comfortable and confident!!! I feel prepared to focus on the tasks that are in front of me, which happens to be our future…lead by example, show them that what you choose to do in life you should be done in your best dressed, if possible. Maybe the confidence I gain from dressing in what I love keeps me from questioning if I look okay. Realizing what you like and what makes you feel your best eliminates wasted time choosing outfits!! The best part of creating a fantastic look is when it is unexpected!!!

One of my favorite instagrammers Kawana Coy @mrs_coy_style_review said it best about a snake print boot and sparkle jacket combo: “Initially I thought it was odd, but it worked.” This is soooo the truth. When I look in my closet and say “I wonder!!?” that is when the magic usually happens (and sometimes I get a good laugh). The picture below of the polka dot shirt with black bow and beige sheer sleeves is a three shirt combo!! Love when this happens with layers!

A quote by Orson Welles are words to live by: “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and NOT giving a damn!” When I put together an outfit my first focus is to pick one piece in my closet that I would like to wear. Then I look at the color to determine what other colors would be most complimenting, like the beige and purple lace combo above (I thought of the beige like a gold/yellow which is purples compliment). Then I look and see if a print may be best, in this case it was texture, lace. Opposites attract with the black and white polka dot flip flop. I try it and if I like it I wear it!!

Get familiar with the color wheel it helps to nail combos!! Sometimes monochromatic colors work well. When everything has the same color base but different hues it only helps to create textures and depths in an outfit!!! Purple and pink seem to make a great marriage.

Look for color details in a piece and match one of them with a layer, like the turquoise in this tweed jacket that I layered with a matching dress. Sweaters with blouses can create new stylized sleeves and pops of colors to make the outfit pull together. I really adore the puffy sheer peeking out from the rolled sleeves.

I hope that these outfits tip starters help you this week and beyond to feel your best. I am and will continue to focus on having fun and feeling confident. Look for inspiration through art and aesthetics. Find me on instagram everyday with new outfit ideas @hinchology!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Sitting down having a cup of coffee for the first time in 2020 (wow) and reflecting on why I made this Blog and created an Instagram. The one word that came to mind …. inspire!!!

I am focused on adding more to what I already love and do! Having fun with my everyday, laughing at myself, taking a breath and adding more tulle lots more!!(The tulle skirt was hand made by yours truly) Of course Chanel will be in the mix while I challenge myself to use color and prints that I haven’t tried yet.

Seeing that I only started this journey less than three months ago, I decided to focus on what outfits made me feel the best or most inspired, the outfits that made me feel like nothing could stop me! Like I got this no matter what!! So I put together my favorite 5 and what I love about them.

Love when looks challenge me by playing with layers and functional details. Using something in a different way in which it was meant to be used is what I love. When pieces become interchangeable fashion becomes innovative. I loved Barbie as a kid, still do, and think that a lot of play with her clothes being reversible or interchangeable to create a whole new look is where the fashionista in me started. From layering fancy dresses covered in sparkle with sweaters, or layering strapless dresses with blouses, I am obsessed with how different each piece can look with just a little change of use!!!

Of course a belt is a belt, however my large Gucci belt is holding up a skirt turned dress, I just repurposed!! Think outside the box and when you say out loud “No that wouldn’t look right!!?” that’s when the fun starts!!!

I leave my first Blog of the year with some common sense neccessaties in the cold that I used over vacation with my family! Wonder which one you would pic!!??? Warmer the better when it comes to New England weather!!! I hope that this year is your very best yet!