Metallic magic

When the heat turns up for summer so does the metallic magic! Silver, gold, bronze, rainbow….the shine is on!!! What is a metal you gravitate to for the summer!? In this blog I highlighted pieces found on second hand and favorite sights! Remember making a change is one small post at a time!! Let’s look at what is going to be glistening besides my sun kissed skin!

Let’s start off with Rainbow metallic for pride month. The possibilities are endless! With an added texture, Rainbow tweed, yes please!!!!

Silver is a great Sun catcher!! Sparkles glistening like water! Easily paired with grey silver or white silver!

Gold and white have such a nautical vibe! Shop your closet for those beaded wedding dresses that aren’t getting used! Layer them with linen for an effortless metallic pop!

Absolutely adore a pink and gold moment!! Using an old fancy pink gown to create this look!

My rose gold dress layered well with this gold diamond print vintage skirt, sprinkle it with a white snow sequence cardigan, garden party ready!

Feeling inspired to get your metallic on?

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Summer Prints

With the fantastic warm weather comes a time to wear your brights and pop!! As you put on your prints this summer be sure they lift your spirits and put a smile on your face! For myself when I feel good in what I am wearing then I tend to have a better day!! By better day I mean I take things that come my way with a positive spin, I look for the good!! Even if it’s a bad day I focus on the lesson learned!

Watering the flowers or hanging in the yard for the day? Choose a print that is a pick me up! Investing in comfy and bright dresses is always a good idea for the summer!! This time of the year the dress prints are fantastic, bright and colorful!!

Speaking of color, sometimes you ask for the flavor ice cream that matches your outfit for the Insta pic, and it becomes your new favorite, Birthday Bash! LOVE Carla Marla’s in Bellport, N.Y.!!

Living a mile from the water (and the ice cream shop) is fun, and dangerous for my waist line!! Walking on long docks and enjoying the ocean breezes is ALWAYS a great time to inspire with fashion!!!

To enhance your look this summer season don’t forget to wear a hat or invest in some type of SPF sunscreen, PLEASE!! Being in my 40’s I know a thing or two about wrinkles! BUT do it in style!! Oversized hats are the rave and can add drama to a simple cute print dress!! (Or skirt made into a strapless!!)

Many summer maxi dresses come with cloth belts. Repurpose the belt as a headband to pop the print throughout the look. Pair it with some oversized shades and you bring a certain Je ne sais quoi to your outfit!!

And of course what would summer be without a rainbow print, right!!?? Rainbow fashion pops happiness!! June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride month so why not show your support and wear your rainbow!

No Matter the print remember to wear what you want to wear!! Love the fact that your style is different from the rest!! Mixing up asthetics with your own twists is what will seperate you from the rest!!

We must not live in fear of what others may say, rather be afraid to miss an opportunity to inspire someone!

What is your favorite summer print!?

Happy on the inside and out!!! Inspired!? INSPIRE!!! #getahinch