Wrapping up the Holidays

This holiday season has been full of joyous gatherings, inspiring charitable acts and of course holiday traditions. It has been one of the toughest to get through with out having my father. I remind myself of all the wonderful memories I did get to share with him, even if it is through tear filled eyes.

Some of my favorite holiday traditions is the baking I get to do with my son Frankie. I know that my blog is all about fashion and Art but… you gotta throw a little bit of sweets in there!! My Grandmother, VaVa Maria ( Avo, is the correct word in Portuguese for grandmother) used to say “Here’s a little something sweet to KEEP you sweet!” and then she would hand me a chocolate bar.

Decorating packages is another tradition that brings so much joy to others. This cardinal package is in remembrance of my dad David! ( insert dagger to my heart…) Grateful…thankful….humbled!

Now that I have wiped the tears…..Lets get back to some fashion inspo!!!

Remember to have fun with what you wear and wear what makes it fun!!! If you smile when you put it on…WEAR it!!!! Frankie got creative with his home depot sunglasses that to me are mistakable for Gucci’s!!! (I had to try them on myself)

Be the light in the room this holiday season with a smile that will help others dream big! Find the small things throughout your day to make it great. Maybe its your glitter covered heels or your favorite stuffed santa that you cherish now as much as you did when you were 12! Wear colors that bring memories of happiness like ribbon candy from santa all covered with green and pink swirls.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and a New years not to be forgotten. May everyone be content in their hearts and a wish filled year!

Enjoy creating new memories even if they are filled with the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

Merry Christmas!!!

Holiday Vibes

By now everyone is in full holiday swing. The gift buying, the holiday cards the get togethers. Do you ever think “How in the world is everything going to get done?” Then all of a sudden it’s done…literally!

I am making an effort to enjoy each moment of the hustle and bustle. I am bringing the holiday vibe everyday with outfits that make me smile, feel good or just have an extra bit of sparkle. The most important focus for me this holiday season are the people I cherish, I just want to do that in the most fabulous outfits I can come up with!! (hee, hee)

Use pops of color like these blue velvet over the knee boots or this raspberry red top. Put kelly green among the neutrals! Layer over a denim strapless jumpsuit to make it winter worthy! Try polka dots! This blue tulle polka dot skirt is actually a dress that came from the girls department in Walmart! I absolutely love when pieces of clothing are used in new ways.

Party dresses are for parties only….right??!! WRONG!!! If you layer it UP it will dress it DOWN. Add lots and lots of sparkle and shine and don’t be afraid to gravitate towards metallic EVERYTHING!!

A pleated skirt and pearls always make an outfit party ready!! Go for the red, the tartans and the plaids!!! Use a hair tie from the dollar store as a bowtie!! I know that with time being strained during the holidays it’s not always on the priority list to add bee pins on your collar but sometimes it just makes you smile!

I hope this helps you get your holiday vibe on or continues to make it shine bright. Remember to be kind to yourself this busy holiday season. Sometimes we need to take it one step at a time….in our glitter heels of course!!!

Happy Holidays!!!