Island vibes

Summer calls for fun in the sun, bold prints and magical moments! Putting together these looks definitely brought me back to Hawaii, Aruba and Bahamas, 🎶come on pretty mama🎶 ok yes I am that corny and that old..Lol! So even if our destinations may not be to a tropical paradise we can have fun and bring the vibe through our wardrobe!

Layers of a dress tied on one side with is a great way to use pieces in different ways and up your style game!! Overly large sunnies command attention and bright pops of jewelry, top it with a straw fedora to tie everything together!

White dresses don’t have to be plain…look for pieces that have embroidery pops at the neck. It brings a little color splash and adds details without layers of jewelry!! Be resourceful and reuse a gift ribbon for a headband!! The more creativity the better your style will be!

Nothing like an island vibe like an island print!! This dress is a favorite staple in my wardrobe!! I wear it alone, layered with another skirt or a sweater!! It’s a super fun unexpected print to see ALL year long! Flower accessories are a must!!

Larger than life floral prints are always a great way to bring out the vacation feels!! Focus on one color in the print and repeat it with your accessories….always a win!

When you find the large flower prints pay attention to fabrics like linen and cotton to stay cool and comfy all summer long!!!

Sheer chiffon is a great light weight fabric to tolerate sleeves in the summer! Seashell necklaces layered are a sure win for island looks!

I hope these inspire an upbeat vacation style even if your vacation happens to be in your back yard or a local beach!

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Until next style,