One jacket….3 ways

Sometimes you just find a piece that is so super easy to create multiple looks with!!! So here’s a blazer that has a pop of it’s own!

If you wonder why this purple and yellow goes so well together that’s easy, they are complimentary colors on the color wheel. Loved how the butterfly clips gave a magic moment with these fabulous gloves! It’s all about the details for me in this look!

So hard to not add purple with this jacket…this time with tulle and a bit of my favorite school girl vibe!! Don’t worry I will change it up for the next look…promise!!

Grab that long Maxi skirt, make it a strapless, cinch your waist with a belt! Added metallic pops help your eye moving head to toe!

So find a jacket that you just can’t get enough of and layer it up before spring is gone!

Until next style,



Cake topper

With change comes new creative ideas. As so many in the world we rely on our go to hair dresser or barber to stay fresh and clean! Grabbing a do it yourself hair dye at my local pharmacy didn’t get me covering my grays. Even running it by my hair dresser didn’t give me confidence….. something was holding me back….and still is. It must be my mind frame that it is not totally necessary. It was time to accept the grays or find ways to hide them.

Headbands for days was my first thought!!! Obsessed with headbands is an understatement. My last blog post was all about accessories and how to organize them. There are so many different headbands out there!! Depending on how you like your headbands, thick or thin or maybe dazzled with bling or pearls. Sometimes it’s fun to double or triple them up. Some of my favorite places to find headbands are Target, Walmart, Bealls Outlet, Lele Sadoughi and Mulberry and Grand.

The second accessory that came to mind was bandanas or scarfs. The dollar tree was my go to for all my bandanas. Vintage finds to favorite department store are great places to find scarves. These accessories are so super versatile. Fold them, braid them, knot them…the styling is endless!! Check my instagram page for a DIY head wrap with a scarf!

Of course if messing with a scarf is not your thing there is always the total cover…Hats. Not only do you not need to worry about the grays…heck you don’t have to worry about doing your hair. They can be adorned with pins, diamonds or pearls even feathers. Some are for show (perfect for zoom meetings) and others serve a purpose!! One can never have too many hats!!

The last cake topper is ribbons and barrettes. They may not cover the grays but boy do they distract the eye. Have fun with one or add as many as you can!!! I love to put my Dollar tree ribbons with my Chanel pins. Add your favorite brooches and voila! Skies the limit. Try your ideas….you just never know!!

No matter what self care is for you right now be sure that you are doing something for yourself. Wear your favorite diamond bracelet and go with the feather hat because that day is now. Enjoy everyday to the max. Wear what makes you feel happy!!!

I hope that this inspires you to have fun with or with out your grays!!!

Stay safe and healthy friends!