Flower power

What would spring be without flowers and floral prints!! Those warm winds that hit you and get your soul stirring with excitement for future fun in the sun!! The smell of blooming flowers is always exhilirating.  Just like a flower, we are fragile, we need love, self care and an enviornment that allows us to grow!! So breath in the crisp air, learn to be you and keep at it! The best thing to happen may be just an email away!

A floral print with dragons to kick off this blog! Add diamond accessories head to toe!! Keep the textures similar for a seamless look.

Tired of feeling like you have nothing to wear?  You have to look at each piece in a different way.  This long sleeved bowed neck dress with a frilly tank scrunched up with a hair tie..add a blazer and  everything comes together.  Don’t get stuck in thinking there’s only one way to wear something.

A little retro floral print gives a whimsical and fun take on a 70’s vibe.  Love my “know your designer” earrings by my girls Cece at Jewels by Joan.  Pearls are always classic and in style!

Or how about a flash dance vibe to get things done! Dressing down can still be cute!!!

Black accessories frame a flower so well like a still life in a painting….lol I really loved how the flowers looked against the white tights. 

A literal take on floral with a larger than life 3-D flower! make the color pop with gray or muted tones. Remind yourself to style your accessories in creative ways! Like this belt that is originally used as a purse strap!

Baroque florals give a regal vibe, but make it spring with an oversized jean jacket!!

Bloomingdales haul

When you get an email from Bloomingdale’s asking to partner up your heart flutters!! You feel humbled to be part of sharing a moment with such an influencial company in the fashion world! The Bloomingdale’s outlet at Tanger in Riverhead New York did not disappoint!! With exclusive lines such as Gracia and Beulah style you will be sure to stand out from the crowd with these pieces! So today’s blog will be a highlight of the unique looks I was able to create.

To kick it off I am going with this amazing extra large sheer polka dot blouse by Beulah style!! Talk about drama, truly extra!! I layered it with a strapless summer dress, larger than life belt and some silver pops!! The possibilities are endless! For those of you that stay with neutrals this is a sure fire way to upgrade!! And for those of you that don’t like neutrals the added sheerness, polka dots and extra large bow make this a top you won’t want to be without!

Let’s talk about these pants!!!!…I mean does it get any better? I don’t think so!! I paired this muted olive green pallet with the neon burst of orange to pull from the print and make a statement!! Do you like harem pants? or tied ankle pants? These are for you!! The waist is higher like a paper bag style waist! You can work them well with a t-shirt or go all out with a sparkle top!! Either way you are gonna turn heads!

This yellow pop grabbed my attention right away!! Do you do flowers? I used to wear so many flower pins on my tops and my hair…so happy to see them making a comeback!! Let’s face it yellow is always an uplifting happy color!! This Gracia top is all that and more!! Was so excited to see how well it went with hounds tooth! (another favorite)

These hobo chic Angie pants brought more than a vibe!! Comfy, stylish and perfect for the upcoming summer to throw on before the beach or for dinner!! The neutral color pattern makes it easy to pair with bathing suits to halter top shimmers!

This top/cover up is right up my alley with the gorgeous rainbow color pops!! I paired it with this amazing large beach bag!! (The price was Soooo good) I am ready for a day at the beach, or an afternoon eating lobster rolls!! The key to being summer ready is having pieces that are versatile for whatever may be on the calendar, or not!

So what are your thoughts on this round up? Are you leaning towards pieces for the summer with versatility?

I hope that you will take the trip to Bloomingdale’s new outlet and let me know your thoughts? And great fashion buys!!

To Bloomingdale’s, thank you for trusting me and believing in me!

Whenever you feel inspired share your looks with #hinchology and #getahinch tag me @hinchology to uplift each other!

Until next style!