It’s all or nothing with monochromatics!

Monochromatic looks are always a great idea!! They are dummy proof!! All it takes is pairing same colors together!! NOT exact colors either! Lights, darks and everything in between works! So lets get through the rainbow one look at a time!

Let’s start with red! The first color of the rainbow!! Remember ROYGBIV, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo, violet! Now this is a little throwback from the fall, however add some leggings and a coat, winter ready!!! Over the years I have realized how wonderful orange is to have in a wardrobe besides at Halloween/fall time! It is great to make it a “basic” by adding it to accessories, and heels.

Yellow = sunshine and happiness…what’s not to LOVE! Layer it up…yellow is meant to bring smiles, even if a little bit of a snicker, who cares it made that person smile! Dont’ be too serious about fashion!! It is meant to uplift your vibe, your mind, your spirit!!

Green with envy..LMAO…never really got that. I love green! All shades!! Especially army green!! Works so well with a light pink!!

Blue makes me feel anything but “blue”! Navy is so fun with a regal vibe!! It’s like wearing black, slimming and sensual!

Ahhhhhh purple šŸ’œ! My favorite, (of course with pink, make it hot!!!) Such a pretty color all year long!! I have to say there hasn’t been a shade of purple that I don’t love!

Pink! I will take it light, hot or bubble gum! It brings joy, girly girl and girl power vibes!

Brown is something I don’t normally do but love it with pops of tan, same color house, different shade!

EVERYONE has black in their wardrobe so do a head to toe …of course I added a little gold sparkle! Had too!! For some maybe that’s not full monochromatic but remember this is your style, your vibe so do what makes YOU happy!

All winter white, find everything that feels like snow and your in monochromatic heaven, a little angel humor!

So we have gone through the basics of colors!! ROYGBIV! red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black and white!

So let’s get our rainbow on and have fun with style!

#getahinch, #hinchology!! Ltet’s inspire together!!

Until next style,



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