New year, new list, new focus!

Wow 2022….I can’t believe that another year has come and gone!! The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always a rest, plan and recharge week! I allow myself to sleep in, take naps, clean, and get organized!! If your body is sleeping…it NEEDS IT! Reading (magazines about fashion), looking up fun facts on Google (like how long does home made cheesecake last), playing Legos or a board game with the fam, although that can get pretty intense!! Lol! Charging up means getting focused for what my goals and life style wants are for 2022!

Starting off the New Year right for me is thinking of all the really great positives! From having good health, to trade marking, to dealing with new roofs and connecting with friends old and new!! Remembering that great memorable moments come in big and small wins!  Of course not all of my goals were met for 2021, and that is okay!! Time to remind myself of what my goals were in January 2021 and which ones I chose to put energy to get done!! What didn’t work for me, and where I want to put my energy this year!! Remember that goals are for YOU!!! NOT for anyone else!!

Now that we have our positive moments accounted for let’s be open to change! We are ALL human!! Please remember that! Sometimes we compare our selves to others after small coffee gatherings or a 30 second video that we see cross our social media channels!! Believe me EVERYONE goes through things! Things that others go through may be something we couldn’t fathem going through…or perhaps the opposite..been there done that, have the T-shirt kind of thing! Whatever IT is be humble!! Imagine if we were more understanding to people what a better world it would be, BUT imagine what your world would be like if you were more understanding to yourself!! If one of the things on your list from last year didn’t get checked did you account for ALL the things that you have done!??  Get focused…Choose three things that are new or old to put on that list and be accountable!! Start thinking what is something you can do everyday to get to your goal!! If resting is one of them…do just that!!

Make a plan, have goals but don’t forget to live life! Do you have goals for the year? Quarter? Week? If you truly want to accomplish your dreams your answer should be YES!! If you really want to make a difference this year in what ever your goal is….start breaking it down!! In no specific order these are mine: 1. Get some headbands/fascinators sold! 2. Get larger collaborations with companies and people that align with Hinchology’s beliefs. 3. Plug away and go live with Hinchology 101! A digital class that helps inspire others to dress with ease and confidence using  elements of Art!

Now there’s a list!! Can I do it…of course!! It’s up to me though…NO ONE else!! If I do more than this list!! Awesome sauce!! If I miss the mark…that’s okay, why? Because there may be something even greater that I haven’t even been given the opportunity for yet!! Always…or trying to , see the positive!! I truly believe that your out look is key!!  Don’t forget this thing called life that will creep in between your goals and may derail you!! Again, that is OKAY!!! Get through and carry on!!

So before we round this up this thought process can be used for other aspects in life such as relationship, adventures etc.!! Be who you want others to see you as!! Even if someone sees you in a light you don’t care for…remind yourself that if you are giving your all every day…that is who you are..trying, brushing your shoulders off, reaching new goals for even a bigger impact than ever imagined! Look forwards not backwards!!

Cheers to 2022! May this year be the best year yet!! No matter the highs or lows! Let gains happen, and lessons that need to be learned learned, never waiver from who you want to be!! If something isn’t working, no need to give up…change your view! Try something different! Lift one another up, call someone you haven’t in a while! Smile at a stragner…if we can ever stop wearing masks…hold the door for someone,  buy the coffee at the drive through for the car behind you!  Your small act of kindness can be the spark to change that persons life!

At the end of it all, how do you want to be remembered! Yes they will remember the fabulous fashion AND the way you treated them!

I wish you all a magical,  impactful, healthy and very happy New Year!

Until next style,



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