Summer in stripes

Stripes in the summer just feel right! They give pop and movement to a simple summer look! When it’s summer in Long Island and New England, the humidity makes the decision on fashion choices easy!! Easy breezy and light! Cottons are the best for summer!! Skirts are a favorite!! The less cloth and skin contact the better!!

Love a stripe match moment! Accessories are key to pull a simple monochromatic vibe together! Add your favorite metallic for a bit of sparkle!

Stripes don’t have to be straight!! Always think outside the box when it comes to fashion!! That is where your style lives!!

If you have anything rainbow pair it with pink!! Pink is a great neutral to pop with ROYGBIV! That’s the art teacher coming out in me!!

Stripes as accents are a great way to pop a bit of color! Whether it’s a color mix or added print mix stripes work well!!!

Keep your look simple with a great summer white, add the stripes with layers like crochet shawls or jackets!

Pair your stripe with a basic black! The attention will stay on the stripe for sure!!

These striped p.j.’s from third love are a great layer to lounge and enjoy summer! If your are looking for elongated legs do vertical stripes!!

So go ahead and interpret your stripe style! Fashion is an outlet for creative personal style!! So if you want to try a trend or mix up something you never have paired do may be what makes you feel your absolute best!

Feeling inspired and want to share your look? #getahinch #hinchology @Hinchology

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Hinchology came to mind when putting unexpected outfits together. I love to mix up brands that may otherwise never meet. I refer to the elements, principals and colors of art to influence my everyday looks.

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