Repurpose for Treasures

My infamous ‘to do’ list always seems to have some sort of organizational project!! The one that was staring me in the face was hair accessories! They needed a little up grade! I wasn’t looking to purchase anything new to help organize or to take on any complex projects but it got me thinking, I was going to have to do something. I looked around my house at objects for new purpose!

My headband collection had grown quiet a bit. I knew that if I wanted them to stay nice I was going to have to stack them….but how!? Then while walking through the dining room I notice one of the MANY mason jars that were left over from my wedding and thought …could it work!? Sure enough it did!!

Next in line for organizing was barrettes. I figured that barrettes would get lost if I tried using the mason jar to house both! I needed something with cups like a muffin pan. Then it hit me, the black and white striped box that I had saved from my favorite french macaroons! The little muffin pan like cups in the inner lining were perfect!! The box stacks so well and it’s PRETTY!!

There where still a few barrettes that wouldn’t fit in the box so I was still on the hunt. That same day while in the kitchen my husband asked if anyone wanted the glass jar from the chicken bouillon!? (My whole household is super into recycling, I rubbed off on them) I cleaned it up and at first I thought it was too small and then voila it worked. It was a perfect for the larger pearl and beaded barrettes.

I ended up repurposing a few more boxes that I had saved from holiday treats. One was a beautiful tin that once held delicious cookies and cream bark. (If you have never tried it I recommend it๐Ÿ˜‹) I now refer too this box as the house of big BLING!

The other treat box was just as pretty with gold and black stripes. This box also had a plastic muffin tin like lining. It worked well for the smaller earrings.

Having the time to do things I would usually put off for another day is refreshing. It’s not the way I wanted to get things done but it helps get through the day!! It feels good to reuse, repurpose and recycle!!

Do you use boxes that once held yummy treats but now house special treasures?

As Matshona Dhliwayo put it: “Riches you hold in your hands are inferior to treasures you harbor in your heart.” I think that we can all relate to this especially now.

Keep doing your part no matter what that may be.

Stay well friends!


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