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I have been thinking about how to get back into my weekly or bi-weekly blog with all that is going on in the world. My love for art, fashion, and a want for more of my own “norm” is what I focused on to jump back into the blog world!!


As some of you may know my “normal” hasn’t been normal for a while. The passing of my father last June is when things became NOT normal. Being in Florida with my ill mother for 67 days piggy backed off of the already existing “New” norm. Perseverance, resilience, grace, love, belief, art, friends, pets, family and fashion have been what helped me get through! What’s on your list!?

Making it back to New York for my son’s 13th birthday has been a highlight of the year and I will cherish it forever. There weren’t tons of gifts, no fuss with balloons or streamers like years past but there WAS a homemade red velvet cake, tons of laughs, hugs, kisses and a fabulous sequence pant set. (Mulberry and Grand I adore you!!)

Getting dressed in a favorite pant set or headband helps me get though the everyday. Now is the time to focus on things that make you smile. We may be working from home learning new ways of getting our job done, have children to take care of or even may have to help an ill family member or friend. What are you doing to get through your day with positive energy and motivation? Are you doing things that fill your heart or float YOUR boat!!??

A question that many of us may be asking ourselves is “am I doing enough” or “what is my part”. Staying home right now IS the “enough” and the “what is my part”…well that is what you love. Bottom line is your contribution may help people get through this tough time! It could be a picture of your family or a recipe that you created a satisfying meal with, maybe even a workout routine! Use your social media platforms as a means to reaching people with positive thoughts and vibes!!

Do something everyday that may make the next day better. If that is to relax and recharge then go easy on yourself and take that day to do just that…RECHARGE!! Some may not understand your contribution but that is okay, you will! During this very confusing time if it helps you get through the day or someone else….why not do it!!?? Try not to judge or compare what others are doing!! In the end the only thing you have control over is yourself!!

Continue to celebrate the small everyday victories. Get dressed in your favorite ballgown or lounge wear and twirl around the house if it makes you happy!!!

I hope that all of you stay safe through this pandemic.

Stay humbled and kind….we will get through this together!!

What will you decide to do tomorrow!? How will you contribute!? What will you do for yourself to stay positive and happy!?



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Hinchology came to mind when putting unexpected outfits together. I love to mix up brands that may otherwise never meet. I refer to the elements, principals and colors of art to influence my everyday looks.

4 thoughts on “Float your boat”

  1. Love, Love, Love this post. You have persevered through this year with positivity. You radiate with that on your social media platforms and it’s a breath of fresh air. Your the real deal, the whole package, what I believe a real influencer should look like. Your sincere and give back what you get ten-fold. You boost everyone. Your like a gem that constantly recharges. I love you Hinch and you really make the blogging world a better place!

    As for me I havent fizzled out I’m just doing what I want to do. I’ve been chillaxing and decorating my house. My motto to stay sane right now is, “buy rugs, so you dont need drugs”. 😂 Seriously, interior design has been my go to safe haven right now. I havent felt pained, strained, or worried. So I’m rocking it! I’ve been buying faucets, paint, mirrors, bedding, and of course rugs. I kindof feel bad saying my house has been letting me live my best life. But it’s been like a little happy pill I take everyday. I also love laughter. So I refuse to turn on the tv. I watch instagram and facebook. No negativity in my house. I sweep it out the door with a broom and then line the seal with salt. Seriously, nothing but faith, hope, and love are coming across my thresholds. Everyone has to leave their shoes off at the door.
    Thank you for the inspiration, thexglitterbox

    1. Just realized that this beautiful comment was under spam. I needed to be sure to get this comment on the blog!!! Your words are so fantastic and I am grateful for you!! I appreciate your realness and the focus you have and give!! I can’t wait to see where your interior skills will be taking you as well!!
      Thank you for believing in me and the HINCH wold!!!
      Stay well girl!!

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