Finding normal in chaos

It’s been a while since I have done my normal. For some people normal is waking up to the all to familiar alarm clock telling them it’s time to rise and shine, for others it’s the bed that they dive into at the end of a long day, but for me it’s all about the things that make me happy and fill my heart. After getting a phone call back in January from an ICU nurse telling me my mom was put into sedation and on a ventalator was a shake up to a world that had not settled from losing my father seven months ago. A one way ticket was bought and I have been riding the wave since.

Happy to say that my mother is progressing. Staying to help in her recovery I have had to sacrafice. Not seeing my son for this long period of time has proven to me that I am more resilient than I had thought. The support of my husband has eased my daily thought routine letting me know that everyone has eaten, the clothes are clean and the dogs are walked. This has allowed me to focus on getting my mom to a point that her life can soon again be lived with purpose and good health. As the hours become days, the weeks become months the one thing that has made me feel a bit normal is art and fashion.

When I packed I had no idea how long I would be gone so outfits have been on repeat…if you follow my instagram, @hinchology, you are aware🤣 I had to be frugal in many ways. One, how will I get everything home if I go on a full shopping spree? Two, expenses have come up on this extended trip so I need to look more at accessories than at clothing (they are also smaller and easier to pack) three, I needed to continue to do what I do best…be CREATIVE.

Art became my muse and the face time calls with my son and husband have helped me be strong.

After weeks of only seeing the walls of the hospital I started to notice the magnificant art that surrounded me.

At first I felt guilty to pick an accessory out, or stopping to appreciate art, then it hit me, I NEED to feel the most normal I can, the best that I can so my energy and time is put to helping my MOM!

A blogger asked me this past week when the last time I had fun was…….. right away I thought of my family. As days passed I realized our fun has to come from within us. I try to find the fun in a bargain or maybe my lunch break from the hospital seeing pelicans flying. This is my fun, these are the things that make me smile. In the end WE are our own fun…no matter if its a fabulous vacation or just a trip to you favorite local eatery..its up to us to lift ourselves and others.

The light is starting to shine at the end of this long tunnel. This trip has given me lessons learned I had no idea I needed to learn. I do hope you find inspiration and connect with some of these thoughts when life feels upside down. Remember that we ARE in charge of our own happiness.

I appreciate all the friends, co-workers and family members that have supported me through this very unpredictable ride called life.

Dont forget to have fun and never stop doing what you love!!!!

What is your happy?

what is your norm?

Until next time!!xoxo😘

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Hinchology came to mind when putting unexpected outfits together. I love to mix up brands that may otherwise never meet. I refer to the elements, principals and colors of art to influence my everyday looks.

6 thoughts on “Finding normal in chaos”

  1. Hey Hinch,
    Im so glad you were able to find a way to be creative in all the chaos. Its so imperative. sometimes in crisis its easy to forget what makes us happy. You didn’t. You troopered right through all of it. Your headband tutorial was amazing. I love your spirit.

    You Rock and Are Such an Inspiration, thexglitterbox

    1. I feel privileged to know you. It is my humble opinion, you are a person with the potential to be internationally famous. Your beauty speaks for itself. This blog is professional , information filled and keep one , yearning for more. Best wishes Nicole . I will journey with you.

    2. Wow!!! This is just mindblowing the amazing comment from you!!! I appreciate your kind words!!! Stay strong friend we will get through this together!!

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